Author in red blouse, standing behind high table with vegetables and spices on it, with pots and pans, and a sink and counter behind her.
At the artloft in the Old Rainier Brewery. Photo by Jackie Donnally, Spice and Ink (2016).

Imei is an online and telephonic Psychotherapist, Active Retired Nurse, Dancer, Triathlete, Ultrarunner Cat Lover, and Food Concierge. In her spare time, she takes naps and plays the ukulele.

Currently, Imei lives in three spaces: an artloft in the Old Ranier Brewery in Seattle, home with hubby in Redmond, and on the Internets.

In Early 2018, Imei will launch her new brand, My Allergy Advocate, making food fun again for people with food allergies and intolerances, autoimmune disease, and other medically necessary diets that require a lifestyle change in order to remain healthy and active. Check out the “fun blog” version of MAA┬áhere. The Splash Page is up, so click on the button there to join for free.